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The world storm that has been gathering momentum is now having its greatest outburst, and in reaching its climax it will work universal disaster. In the struggle for material well- being, all grievances have assumed fantastic proportions; and the various differences of human interests have been so accentuated that they have precipitated distinctive conflict. Humanity has failed to solve its individual and social problems, and the evidence for this failure is very clear. The incapacity of people to deal with their problems constructively and creatively reveals a tragic deficiency in the right understanding of the basic nature of man and the true purpose of life.

The world is witnessing an acute conflict between the forces of light and the forces of darkness. On the one hand, there are selfish persons who seek their happiness blindly through lust for power, unbridled greed, and unrelieved hatred. Ignorant of the real purpose of life, they have sunk to the lowest level of civilization. They bury their higher selves in the wreckage of crumbling forms that linger on from the dead past. Bound by material interests and limited conceptions, they are forgetful of their divine destiny. They have lost their way, and their hearts are torn by the ravages of hate and rancor. On the other hand, there are persons who unveil their inherent higher selves, through the endurance of pain and deprivation and through noble acts of bravery and self- sacrifice. The present war is teaching man to be brave, to be able to suffer, to understand, and to sacrifice.

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