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An authentic Master will encourage you to let your life itself be his message of love and truth.


Meditation is a means the seeker uses to break through his ego-consciousness to the higher consciousness of the planes. There are innumerable types of meditation—general and specialized, personal and impersonal, objective and subjective—and each kind can be used to bring about a specific result for the seeker. But no meditation can, in itself, take the seeker to the Goal.

The Perfect Master does not teach meditation. He is a meditation himself. Though he may give a particular form of meditation to his followers to use for a limited time, he does not give such practices any inherent importance. He knows that the highest and most effective meditation is love, and that every spiritual exercise is simply a warm-up to that end. As the supreme object of meditation, the God-realized Master exhorts his lovers to remember him often, to love him more and more, ultimately to lose themselves in him so that they can find themselves as the Reality which he stands for.
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How To Choose A Guru, written by Rick Chapman and first published by Harper and Row in 1973, addresses dozens of topics concerning spirituality and mysticism from the perspective of Meher Baba's teachings.